Poem: When Corn is the Landscape

When Corn is the Landscape

By Tim Singleton

Summer and the highway windows are filled with faces
Looking out on fields and fields of corn halfway to harvest.
There’s promise in the sun and a green energy speeding
Through the landscape’s furrows. This row might go feeding
Cattle, that row ground to masa. Farther afield the hue
Of cornbread starting so shape in the kernels. Others
Are already whispering of how they will pop and dance
In a pan on a Saturday afternoon, and get served with salt,
With butter as gold as the sun under which they now grow.
Some will fall away to feed mice or a midnight raccoon.
For now, one car stops to take pictures of farmland
That reminds the driver of a far away home, and the meals
Of childhood and family around a feast of corn.


Written on the spot at the request for a love poem to “corn” for the What Improv Group?!?! “Valentine Affair” show intermission project.

“When Corn is the Landscape” was published by Howard Community College’s annual literary and arts magazine, The Muse, in the spring of 2018.

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