Tim Singleton, a writer who lives in Columbia, Maryland, has spent years in the business world turning numbers into words, stringing explanations along as if they were fireflies lighting the way toward comprehension. They were; they did. Practical iteration of complex ideas to people that need to run with a comfortable, communicable understanding in order to excel. Throw in a touch of beauty.

Practicing for years the science and art of Marketing & Communication in the newspaper industry, his privilege provided a window into many components of metropolitan society and economy, a broad landscape of experience and skill. Today, a non-profit consultant with a focus on arts, healthcare, education, and the environment, he uses that foundation to develop and implement strategies that speak to audiences and grow organizations.

His love of the health and wellness of community is evidenced in volunteerism, time and expertise gifts he readily shares, speaking with action/participation. When the moments come to write things down for himself, his eyes open to this existence and all its wonder; he hopes to catch a bit of it in the shape of words and share the awe.