Books: Haiku Instruction

The Haiku Handbook

Should one only want to reach for one book to introduce oneself to haiku, I would venture William Higginson’s The Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku is it, a classic in the genre.

This book is not only a guide that will set one out on the road of good practice, but a resource that provides an overview of the history of the form and an explanation of how it came to America and lived for decades in the disguise of seventeen English syllables.

Haiku: A Poet’s Guide

Lee Gurga’s Haiku: A Poet’s Guide is a peach of a book, easily the best book on the craft of the form to reach for second. Perhaps it is best to quote William Higginson from his Amazon review for this book: “Anyone serious about writing haiku in English will find Haiku: A Poet’s Guide invaluable. Unlike other books on haiku which make your head spin with lists and rules for beginners, this one helps beginners get off the ground and soon reach the point where they can evaluate their own work…. this book goes into more depth, yields more insight, than anything else available in the field so far.”


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