Books: Haiku Poets

A few names, a few books for this table here, that shelf there. Good companions, all.

Saigyo (before Basho, hokku)

  • Poems of a Mountain Home – translated by Burton Watson. Columbia University Press.

The Masters


  • Matsuo Basho, The Narrow Road to the Deep North and other Travel Sketches – tr. Nobuyuki Yuassa, Penguin Classic. (This book was my starting place long ago.)
  • Basho, The Complete Haiku – Jane Reichhold
  • Traces of Dreams, Landscape, Cultural Memory and the Poetry of Basho – Haruo Shirane


  • Haiku Master Buson – Yuki Sawa & Edith Marcombe Shiffert, White Pine Press.


  • The Autumn Wind – tr. Lewis Mackenzie, Kodansha International.
  • A Few Flies and I, Haiku by Issa – selected by Jean Merrill & Ronni Solbert from translations by RH Blyth and Nobuyuki Yuasa, Scholastic Book Services.


  • Selected Poems – translated by Burton Watson, Columbia University Press.


  • Chiyo-ni, Woman Haiku Master – Patricia Donegan, Yoshie Ishibashi, Tuttle Press.


Richard Wright

  • Haiku, This Other World, Anchor Books.

Teneda Santoka

  • For All My Walking, Free verse haiku of Taneda Santoka – tr.  Burton Watson.

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