Haiku Resources

Process and Technique

  • An Introduction – David Lanoue’s overview of writing haiku.
  • One Exercise – Tim Russell. A straightforward exercise to help a writer develop observational awareness and writing muscles necessary for the form.
  • Some of the Speculations of Robert Spiess. Short, insightful wisdom from a year’s worth of thinking about writing haiku. Dewdrops on the sunlit spiderweb.
  • Haiku Techniques – Jane Reichhold. Distilling some of the swill surrounding how to build a good haiku through the explanation of specific techniques and examples.

Poets and Poems

  • Vast collection of western language haiku poets and their work.
  • A history of haiku by Ryu Yotsuya.

Internet Mailing Lists, Groups – where to practice with the worldwide haiku community

Websites To Explore