Nocturne: Cherry Blossom Viewing, A Tanka Sequence.

For Beth.

The first time I saw you
Your shyness, I came as close
As perfume

A peek of moonlight
Cherry blossom viewing

Blossom heavy
Our spirits rise
As we linger

Fills the picnic basket

My restless hands
Like simmering wind shadows
Touching, touching

A shaft of moonlight
Tussling blossoms

Under cherry blossoms
These bodies locked, one

We break the kiss to breathe
A sweat of moonlight pools between us


The child of our bodies
In a rain of blossom petals
Shrieks with joy

The way the falling petals
Fill the air with moonlight

Year after year
We add memories
Of blossom viewing

The ground we walk on
Thick with petals

One last look into your eyes
A wind of ten thousand petals
Whispering along

Moonlight and the path
Through the cherry grove

Under the blossom petals
In the grave where the bones
Of our hands lace

Our love wants again
This spring moon, these cherry blossoms

Poem – Tim Singleton
Painting – Jing Jy Chen
Poets & Painters Gallery Show 2011

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