The Cherry’s Weeping – 2013 Poets and Painters


Weeping Cherry – Jing Jy Chen

The Cherry’s Weeping

Perhaps a moment
Of wind might pass,
Scattering its petals
Over the pond,
Floating them off,
A mournful disarray.

Viewers might gasp
In awe of such beauty
And loss, perhaps
Shedding concerns
Of their own through
The universal moment
Of letting go, letting go.

And perhaps what now
Weighs down those boughs,
Cascading with bareness,
Is the invisible heft of loss,
Causing someone to ask,
“Which came first:
The pond below its weeping
Or its weeping?”

But ask the tree itself
And it would say
It was only a moment
On a moonless night
That filled it with such a desire
To reach down
And touch the stars.


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